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I know it's hard, but it's time; It's time to LET GO; it's time to HEAL; it's time to LIVE life with intention, passion, and purpose; it's TIME! Here you will find the space you need to put down the things that have weighed on you and held you down for too long. It's time to end the cycle & experience the love, joy, and abundance you deserve.


Are you tired of ...                Are you ready to...

Feeling exhausted                                                                                       Repair & restore your body & mind           Moving from a space of shame & guilt                                                              Move from a space of love & joy                  

Being stuck                                                                                                             Live a full life   

Feeling uninspired                                                                                                 Experience true joy                                           Giving, giving, and giving                                                                                   Be FREE                                                                                                                                                                   





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Our Services



45-minute sessions- $75
90-minute intensives- $125

3-hr deep dive- $375



 2-hr joint sessions, couples (spouses, partners, mother-daughter) Single session bookings- $200

3- session package- $500 (paid in full at 1st session)


Group Programs

Group programs typically run for 6 weeks with 2- hr sessions once or twice weekly. Adult group program includes 3 individual sessions.

Adult groups- $575 (payment plans available)

Mother/daughter groups- $275 (paid bi-weekly)

Let's Connect

Contact me for more information about upcoming programs. Also, be sure to sign up for my monthly blog posts below.

I wish you well on your journey!


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