I know it's hard, but it's time; It's time to LET GO; it's time to HEAL; it's time to LIVE life with intention, passion, and purpose; it's TIME! 

Here you will find the space you need to put down the things that have weighed on you and held you down for too long. It's time to end the cycle & experience the love, joy, and abundance you deserve.


I help clients:

  • Stop, put down the heavy loads & learn to love & nourish themselves.

  • Uncover the layers of things in their life that lead to exhaustion.

  • Begin to repair and restore their sense of being so they can show up as themselves without shame or guilt.

  • Begin to step out of the cycle of exhaustion & create space for rest & healing.

  • Regain the strength to live life with passion, purpose, and JOY.


Who I Serve


During our 2- hour sessions, I guide individual clients through a specific yoga nidra rest session followed by Brainspotting and creative expression activities (drawing, writing, etc.).  Sessions may also include Reiki. Sessions and activities are tailored to meet the client's individual needs.


In these 2-hr joint sessions, I guide couples through connection exercises and a joint yoga Nidra session along with Brainspotting.  These sessions will often include written and shared movement exercises.


Groups are a great way to leverage the support of the collective through shared experiences. In these 2 hour sessions, the group will be guided through movement exercises, yoga nidra, Brainspotting, and creative expression activities. Group programs typically run for 6 weeks with 2- hr sessions once or twice a week. Participation in group programs also includes 3 individual sessions.


Upcoming Events

  • Breaking the Cycle of Exhaustion: From Tired to Inspired
    Sep 11, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM CDT
    Are you a strong Black woman? Has being a strong Black woman made it hard for you to take time for yourself? Is your life lacking joy and fulfillment? Are you tired of being tired? Then this program is for YOU.

Let's Connect

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I wish you well on your journey!


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