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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I need counseling?

A big misconception about counseling is that you need to have a diagnosable mental illness in order to benefit.  This is not true.  While counseling or mental health therapy can greatly benefit those with a mental illness, others can benefit from it as well. Maybe you are going through a transition and need assistance navigating new situations. Perhaps you are looking to connect with those around in a more productive way and want to work on skills to help you.  Maybe you just need a dedicated safe space to talk through some concern you have about your life and you have nowhere else to turn. All of these are valid reasons to seek counseling.  The best way to decide if therapy is right for you is to start the conversation.  Free 15 minute  consultations are available.  There are many reasons to seek therapy and if you are on this page, that's a cue that it might be right for you.

How long will I need to attend counseling?

While the individual sessions of counseling will last 45-50min, how often and how long you attend those sessions will depend on your unique situation.  Clients typically spend 3- 4 months getting to the heart of their concerns and another 3-4 months strengthening skills. However, it could be more or less time depending on the reason they are coming to counseling.  Some times, a client might resolve their original issue and decide to continue counseling to work on additional concerns. A client might also decide that they are not as ready to work on an issue as they previously thought and subsequently discontinue therapy after just a few sessions. That is the nature of therapy. There is no magic number of sessions.  It all depends on the individual client and their needs.

Do you take insurance?

While I understand that cost can be a big factor when choosing a counselor,  I do not take any form of insurance.  With that in mind, there are several benefits that come with working with a counselor who does not take insurance:

  • Enhanced privacy

  • No limit to the number of sessions

  • Your health is the main focus of concern.

  • You know upfront what your cost will be and can plan accordingly.

I do offer a limited number of reduced fee spots for those who show a demonstrated financial need.  I greatly value my clients and the work I do.  Therefore, I make efforts to work with my clients to help them access affordable care either with me or another counselor.  I also partner with Open Path Collective to offer low cost services to its members. You can learn more about Open Path here:

Population and CONDITIONS

I primarily work with adults (15-65)  to address their concerns with anxiety, depression, substance use, anger management, relationship stress, and life transitions. If you need help with a concern not listed or fall in a different age bracket, reach out to me for a free consultation.  We can discuss your unique situation to see if we may be a good fit.



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