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See Her: Strengthening the Mother/Daughter Bond

Are you and your teen daughter feeling overlooked, overshadowed, or plain invisible to each other?  Do you find yourselves clashing as you each try and carve space to build a happy life? Are you trying to understand yourself better but still feeling lost? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is for YOU.


If you are a mother/daughter pair and you would like to connect better but find it difficult and would welcome some guidance moving past this point, I invite you to join me for my 6- week “See Her” program starting this fall.


Imagine that by the end of this program, you will be able to see each other with greater love and compassion while setting and achieving personal goals that are fulfilling. It’s time to strengthen your unique unique bond see the light that each of you shine. Let’s talk to see if this program is right for you.


Here you will begin to:

- Accept each other as you are with love & compassion

- Set boundaries and expectations with yourself & others

- Discover and use your unique gifts

- Create practices that enhance your sense of well-being

- Release unnecessary shame and guilt

- Communicate in ways that promote understanding


Each week find yourself in a supportive environment of other mother/daughter pairs. You will enter the virtual space to the sound of uplifting and inspirational prose and song. You will be encouraged to share & participate as fully as possible, however, there is no pressure to do so. You will be provided with personal tools to use throughout the program which will be yours to keep. We will use journaling, meditation, song, dance, and other creative practices to achieve the goals of the program.


This program can serve as an usher as you prepare to move toward the path to womanhood. This is only the beginning of your journey.

Schedule your intake session TODAY!so 




A deposit of **$50 is due prior to the intake session and remaining payments can be made bi-weekly.

**Deposit is non-refundable but transferrable up to 1 year


What you get:

- 2 1-hour personal sessions (initial intake & end of program follow-up)

- 6 weekly 90-minute group sessions

- See Her program box (includes material for most activities)

- Weekly reflection assignments

- At least one recorded yoga nidra script

Not provided:

- Art supplies (colored pencils, pens, markers, etc.)

- A candle

- Any items you need to feel comfortable

Sign up to schedule your intake & secure your spot. The next group starts Fall, 2023

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